Arranging Placements Outside of the App As a dental office, you may contact your favourite Medi-Solu hygienists or dental assistants directly. Please note: if Medi-Solu introduces you to a hygienist or dental assistant and that hygienist/assistant is registered with Medi-Solu , standard daily placement fees apply for all future placements, whether made in the app or through direct contact (phone, e-mail, text, etc.).We operate on the honor system with regard to placements outside of the Medi-Solu app. As a dental office, please report all placements to us so we can invoice accordingly. AS a hygienist or dental assistant, please ensure that any placements arranged outside of the Medi-Solu app are reported. This allows us to invoice the office for the placement, and allows you to maintain your invoicing records accurately and your membership in good standing. Offices or hygienists/assistants who operate outside of this policy will be removed from the Medi-Solu service. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for full details.

Code of Conduct

It is the top priority of Medi-Solu that dental offices, hygienists, and dental assistants consistently experience successful, happy matches. As such, dental offices and hygienists/assistants are expected to honour their commitments with consideration for the impact that confirmed arrangements have on the other party. Active registration and participation by all users on Medi-Solu is at the sole discretion of our administration. Habitual short-notice cancellations (or no-shows) of confirmed jobs by either party are handled severely and may result in removal and banning from the service. Similarly, consistent negative feedback and low star rankings may also result in removal from the service .

Credit Card Security

We process your credit card information and payments through Stripe Canada, the world leader in online credit card authorization. Your credit card information is encrypted using bank-level security, meaning even our site administrators never have access to your information. It gets encrypted and sent directly to Stripe Canada. Even the owners of Medi-Solu can’t view your credit card details due to the strong encryption used.

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