Medi-Solu Dental Hiring Job Board

The most powerful, targeted way to post your job and find the best fit for your office. How Do I Access the Job Board to Find Staff? The Job Board is accessed via the same Medi-Solu app / website you use for temping. But instead of tapping “Get a Temp”, you’ll tap the “Hire Staff” button at the top. Is It Really Free to Post on Medi-Solu Job Board? Yes. There are no up-front posting fees. And if you don’t find any qualified candidates during the course of your job posting, you pay nothing. And It’s Really Free to Hire a Medi-Solu Temp or Anyone Using the Job Board? Correct! We don’t charge anything to hire a Medi-Solu temp, or anyone through the Job Board. Sign Up Now For Free Then How Can You Make Enough Money to Keep The Job Board Running? Our new Job Board works on a token system. To view a resume, you need to use one token, which costs $18+ HST. Before you ever use a token to view an applicant’s resume though, you have immediate and exclusive access to:
  • The candidate’s year and school of graduation.
  • How far from your office they live.
  • Whether they have worked at your office before, and if so what your review of them was.
  • Their track record for Interview Reliability.
  • Our proprietary Recommendation Score, which uses our vast database of temping connections and reviews to suggest how happy you would be with the candidate if you hired them.
  • Our Recommendation Score is based on their overall reliability and professionalism on Medi-Solu, as well as their work history with your office (if they’ve worked there before).
After reviewing this information, you can then make the informed decision whether you would like to use a token and view that candidate’s resume or skip that candidate altogether. There are also discounts for bulk purchases and tokens can be used between offices in your account and at any time you want to view or download resumes.

And I Can Hire a Candidate and Not Pay Anything Extra?

Yes. It’s true.

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What are some more details?

Here are more things to know:

  • Once you post your job, it is submitted for review/approval which happens within 24 hours
  • Job Postings automatically expire 30 days from when you post them, but you can remove it sooner
  • You can’t use the Job Board to find temps – we have a great system for that already!
  • We don’t charge any hiring fee on top of this
  • Using our Job Board gives you access to our membership of over 4500 hygienists and assistants, with our database of placement reviews and feedback. It’s the most targeted, powerful, dental-specific way to find the best candidates.
  • Right now the Job Board is for Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Admin and Associate Dentists. We’ll be adding more positions soon!
  • Our Job Board is a new feature – so please be generous with questions and feedback so we can make it the best it can be!